School of Geo-Informatics

M.Tech. in Remote Sensing and GIS

School of Geo-informatics (SGID) RSAC-U.P. Lucknow is running a two years (Four Semesters) M.Tech. course since 2013 in Remote Sensing & GIS, which is affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, approved by AICTE, Govt. of India.

Aim of the Course

The Broad objectives of the course is to provide in-depth knowledge of Remote Sensing, digital image processing, geographic information system (GIS), GPS, DGPS, LiDAR, Bathymetric technologies and their applications in various fields such as Agriculture, soils, forestry, geosciences, water resources, marine, atmospheric sciences, Land use & Landover domains.
Course Duration :2 year (4 Semesters)

Target Groups

This course is targeted to persons/students interested in Remote Sensing and GIS technology and their applications in the field of natural resource surveys such as water resources management, agriculture, soil surveys, forestry, disaster management, marine, atmospheric sciences, urban planning, geological investigations, photogrammetric surveys and mapping, Students can opt for one of this specialization in technology or application areas.

Eligibility Criteria

B.E/B.Tech (60% or Equivalent CGPA) in Civil / Environment / Computer Science & Eng. / Information Tech / Electrical Eng. / Agriculture or M.Sc. (60% or Equivalent CGPA) in Geography / Geology / Geoinformatics / Geomatics / Environmental Sciences / Earth Sciences / Forestry / Agriculture / Soil Sciences / Botany / Water resources from a reputed University.

Important Note :

Every year academic session starts from the month of July. Interested Candidates can apply online through UPSEE/ Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University. website

Following link may be used for further information

Course Fee Structure

  • Rs. 20,000/- (Registration Charges + Admission Fee)
  • Rs. 36000/- per Sem. (Tuition Fee)

Awards/Achievements :

  • CMAI (Communication multimedia and Infrastructure) Society, New Delhi conferred this institute for the best award for 'Excellence Remote Sensing Applications Institute in U.P.' at 3rd Uttar Pradesh Technical Education Summit-2015 on 5th Sept. 2015 for the Excellence and Innovation on "School of Geoinformation aspects Programme". The award is given for the skill development and outcome best education.
  • School of Geoinformatics, RSAC-U.P, has been kept under 10 most admired PG Institutes in India, by Knowledge review magazine in 2019

STUDENTS THESIS (Academic Year 2013-15) :

Sr. No. Name of Student Title of Thesis
Mayank Mishra Analysis of Changes in the River Bank of Ganga River near Allahabad City by using multi-temporal satellite data.
Rupali Shrivastava Micro level mapping of utility facility services in Lohia Villages and assessment of ground water quality for the impact of industrial effluent using high resolution Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS Technology
Shashank Yadubhushanam Developing Fog Detection Technique using INSAT-3D Imager
Shiv Pratap Development of a decision support system for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Programme using Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS and Web-GIS Techniques
Arif Ahmad Change detection of sodic land in Raebareli district using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques
Shashank Dwivedi Evaluation Of Soil Moisture Content, Rainfall, Vegetation Water Content And Radar Vegetation Index For Kharif Crops Using Microwave Satellite Data [Nasa,SSmap Simulated Data & Amsr-2 Data
Sudhank Dwivedi Regional crop yield forecast using crop simulation model and Remote sensing data
Tarun Tiwari Forest Stock Mapping and Volume Estimation using Remote Sensing & GIS
Vaishali Sharma The study of temporal variation of Aerosol optical depth over Northern India
Gunjan Yadav Thermal Anomaly Detection in Jharia Coal Field using Multichannel ASTER TIR Data
Kirti Khemka A Comparative study of classification techniques using Hyperspectral data: A Remote Sensing and GIS perspective
Manish Dwivedi Super resolution mapping using multi-viewing CHRIS/PROBA data
Manvendra Singh Mapping of glacier movement using SAR Interferometery and offset tracking methodology
Pushkar Gaur Land subsidence monitoring using advanced DInSAR techniques
Tanushree Jaiswal Monitoring Land Surface & Water Bodies' Temperature Of Gomti River in Lucknow District Using Thermal Remote Sensing
Amit Kumar Shukla 3D GIS Modelling At Semantic Level Using 3d Point Cloud Data For Urban Infrastructure
Rahul Bajpai 3D Mapping, Visualization and Modeling of Infrastructure/Building from LIDAR Data
Arvind Kumar Gautam Urban spatial growth and land transformation analysis of Varanasi city using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques

STUDENTS THESIS (Academic Year 2014-16) :

Sr. No. Name of Student Title of Thesis
Abhishek Singh Yadav Modelling urban growth in Kashipur
Adeeba Planning Area using Logistic
Anam Mushtaq Regression Method
Andaleeb Fatima GIS data base creation and urban sprawl mapping of Lucknow city, U.P., India
Praveen Kumar Sonkar Urban spatial growth modelling using artificial Neural Network
Ravi Prakash Mishra A case suty of rudrapur city
Satyaveer Singh Open Cast Mine Boundary Detection of Jharia Coalfield, Jharkhand, India, using Optical and Interferometric SAR Data
Savita Kumari Information Extraction using Ground Based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing (HRS) Imager
Shikha Rawat Object Oriented Building Extraction from Fused Lidar Data and Aerial Ortho Image
Vivek Kumar Tripathi Drought Assessment using Meteorological and Remote sensing based indices

STUDENTS THESIS (Academic Year 2015-17) :

Sr. No. Name of Student Title of Thesis
Anjali Singh Quantification and modelling of the urban growth dynamics in Roorkee planning area
Anoop Maurya Eco city planning and site suitability analysis for waste disposal using remote sensing, geographical information system (GIS) and analytic hierarchy process (AHP)
Anubhav Srivastava Solar energy potential estimation of Ahmedabad city
Anuj Gautam Desertification status mapping of Etawah district
Dev Krishna Verma Identification of ground water potential zone using geo-electrical, remote sensing and GIS techniques - a case study of mall block, Lucknow
Faizan Rashid Morphometric analysis of river drainage basin - a case study of Ami river basin
Hina Zehra Rizvi Development of software for analysis of total electron content ionospheric variation for earthquake precursor studies
Karuna Mapping & modelling of urban sprawl pattern in Moaradabad city using multi temporal images and shanon’s entropy approach
Pragati Singh Crop suitability analysis of Uttar Pradesh
Raginee Chaturvedi Application development for utility facilities in villages using web GIS
Sandeep Kumar Yadav Integrated remote sensing, GIS & geophysical techniques for identification for suitable sites for water harvesting or artificial recharge structures in Karwi block of Chitrakoot district
Sanjeev Kumar Kushwaha Modelling and simulation of urban growth of Varanasi city
Shashank Kumar Anshu Classification of urban features using high resolution world-view 2 data through random forest classifier - a case study of Chandigarh city
Siddhant Devrahi Identification of irrigated areas in Lucknow district
Vivek Kumar Assessment of vertical accuracy of open source Dems with Icesat data & DGPS
Gajendra Kumar Spectral yield modelling for sugarcane crop using Moeinteith approach for U.P. state

STUDENTS THESIS (Academic Year 2016-18) :

Sr. No. Name of Student Title of Thesis
Navneet Roshan Analysis of Urban Sprawl in proposed Smart Cities of Madhya Pradesh
Nusrat Ullah Hasani Novel Tools and Techniques in Geospatial” Bhuvan Sehat
Sachchidanand Integration of close range photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning for engineering structures
Sunita Choudhary Forecasting urban growth in kanpur city using multi-temporal data

STUDENTS THESIS (Academic Year 2017-19) :

Sr. No. Name of Student Title of Thesis
Ms. Harshita Singh Spatio – temporal and correlation variation of land surface temperature and aerosal optical depth over smart city of Uttar Pradesh
Sri Muzzamil Ansari Decadal assessment of Urban Sprawl encroachment and traffic analysis in selected parts of Lucknow city : A case study for smart city mission
Sri Prabhakar  Tripathi Dessertificaion and land degradation mapping of Kanpur Dehat using Remote Sensing & GIS techniques
Sri Pramod Kumar Impact on Sodic Land and waterlogged area in Haidargarh canal command system due to its restructuring process
Sri Saurabh Pal Bathymetric survey for dredging of silt deposition between Guptar Ghat to Laxman Quila Ghat along Saryu River at Ayoudhya, Uttar Pradesh
Sri Shashank Nayak Monitoring of river dynamics of Rapti River between Shravasti to Gorakhpur Districts
Sri Sunil Yadav Impact of Irrigation in Lalitpur canal command areas and temporal soil monitoring using RS & GIS techniques
Sri Vashi Ahmad Urban heat and Cool Island mapping and modeling in Urban area of Kanpur City and its environs.
Sri Vineet Kumar Integrated studies for ground water assessment using RS, GIS and Geo-physical techniques in Meja block of Prayagraj District

Dr. Sudhakar Shukla

Dr. Sudhakar Shukla

Scientist-SE & Head, School of Geoinformatics Division

Area of Specialization

* Water Resources with proficiency in applying satellite Remote Sensing and GIS techniques especially for surface and ground water management. Apart from this a thorough proficiency in management of other natural resources as well.

* Expertise in Geo-environmental assessment by applying application of Remote Sensing,  LIDAR, GPS and G.I.S. for Hydrological, Glaciological aspects & Environmental studies.

* Site suitability analysis for civil engineering projects and action plan formulation for sustainable development for Land and Water resources has been other domain of expertise. Expertise in development of Disaster management plan at state level particularly for floods and droughts.

* Presently acting as a Life Member of Indian Meteorological society.  Having been worked as an Assistant Professor in Department of Geology, University of Lucknow, teaching has been an added specialization. At present by holding the post of Head, School of Geoinformatics at RSAC-U.P., Lucknow, imparting technical education in the field of Remote Sensing & GIS to post graduate level students.

Experience in Years/Projects

+28 Years

38projects ( National & International repute)
(P.S: For Technical papers and reports please visit Surface Water Resources Division domain of this web site)
9 consultancy projects

No of Publications

Reports: 31

Contact No. 522-2730815(Ext. 120), 8765977668,9335918075
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